List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
ISG021 Upgrading the Projects Website Not Started Initiate Adam Wadee 10-Jan-2022 04-Nov-2022
COR005 People and Money - Systems Integration In Progress Execute Emma Mcnab 04-Nov-2019 11-Nov-2022
COR004 People and Money - Data Migration Project In Progress Plan Emma Mcnab 27-Nov-2018 11-Nov-2022
RIS019 RIS Systems Procurement Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 10-Jan-2022 30-Nov-2022
ISG022 IT and Library Business Service Readiness for Start of Term 2022/23 Not Started Initiate Tim Gray 21-Jan-2022 02-Dec-2022
WPS008 Web Publishing Platform Implementation In Progress Plan Bruce Darby 08-Mar-2021 16-Dec-2022
DTI050 Finance Data Marts for Strategic Reporting Suspended Analyse Ben Armstrong 20-Sep-2019 16-Dec-2022
DLIB007 Access to All: GLAM Data and API Service In Progress Execute Karen Stirling 01-Apr-2021 23-Dec-2022
CIS015 Data Centre Networking Suspended Execute Rick Arnautovic 02-Sep-2019 31-Dec-2022
AV2851 Bio/Medical Teaching Facility Project Withdrawn Plan John Power 01-Oct-2019 31-Dec-2022
AV2794 EB-Large Animal Research and Imagine Facility Project (LARIFP) Closed Close John Power 01-Nov-2018 31-Dec-2022
HSS038 CAHSS Digital Skills & Capability Review Not Started Initiate Muriel Mewissen 07-Mar-2022 27-Jan-2023
SAC077 Data Futures - Requirements Analysis & Implementation In Progress Build Franck Bergeret 26-Nov-2018 30-Jan-2023
INF163 CentOS 7 EOL Not Started Initiate David Watters 04-Apr-2022 06-Feb-2023
DLIB017 Collections@Ed Website Implementation Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 04-Mar-2022 01-Mar-2023
EDIS0053 CEC Apps In Progress Deliver Emily Elliott 08-Oct-2019 31-Mar-2023
LUC037 Books and Borrowing 1750-1830: An Analysis of Scottish Borrowers’ Registers In Progress Execute Elizabeth Lawrence 22-Jun-2020 31-May-2023
SMI028 UniDesk Data Archive Not Started Initiate Colin Watt 01-Nov-2021 28-Jul-2023
AV2602 Darwin Hive Project Withdrawn Design John Power 09-Sep-2015 30-Jul-2023
AV2848 Peffermill Sports - AV/PA Withdrawn Plan John Power 01-Oct-2019 31-Jul-2023
AV2857 Usher Institute Building Project In Progress Analyse John Power 11-Oct-2019 31-Jul-2023
LUC028 The European Ethnological Research Centre - Cataloguing and Resource Discovery In Progress Execute Lesley Bryson 11-Sep-2018 01-Aug-2023
AV2910 Anne Rowling Clinic Extension Project Suspended Design John Power 27-Oct-2020 15-Sep-2023
AV2922 IGMM Expansion Suspended Design John Power 01-Apr-2021 15-Sep-2023
LUC053 One Health: human responsibility for animal health and welfare in Scotland, 1840-present Not Started Initiate Norman Rodger 01-Mar-2021 29-Sep-2023