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Further information and guidance including links and templates

The table below lists additional guidance and templates available for Project Managers



    Links to further guidance and templates


 Project Definition


- this toolkit includes the following:




This guidance (and its associated tool templates) have been developed to assist staff who are managing or participating in major change projects. The toolkit provides:

  • Guidance on assessing which projects should be classed as major projects
  • Key governance elements that must be managed for major projects
  • An assessment tool for project governance to help ensure that the required governance actions are established and work effectively throughout the life of the project
  • A visualisation tool for project governance
  • Case studies on the use of the toolkit for other major projects

The relevant templates for this toolkit are available to Project Managers via the 'add content' option from their project homepage.


Planning & Estimation






The 3-point estimation template assists in the calculation of how much effort might be required to undertake a project.

Project Control


Link to Risk Management guidance




Stakeholder engagement grid

Link to project roles & responsibilities

Link to project RAG status guidance

Contains a list of some of the common types of risk a project may encounter

The stakeholder map is a useful visual tool when identifying potential stakeholders

The stakeholder engagement grid is a visual tool for identifying different stakeholders and their relative influence/power and interest in the project.

Project roles contains some of the standard roles applicable to IT projects

This quesionaire can be used in the closure phase of a project to get feedback from stakeholders on how the project

Project Closure


Link to closure checklist guidance