Project Management Office

Further information and guidance on the Project Management Office

The Project Management Office is based within IS Applications and is part of the Information Services Group.  We have a team of 25 professionally qualified project staff, including Business Analysts, Project Managers, Programme Managers and Portfolio Managers.  We support project delivery across the University and offer a variety of project management training, tools and support options to help project managers (and non-project managers) deliver successful projects. 

Our services are focussed in  the following four areas:

  • Training
  • Tools
  • Support
  • Quality Assurance




We offer a variety of training courses in practical project management skills for staff and students across the University.  Training is focussed on providing attendees with a general understanding of project management terms and processes, plus practical skills and tools/templates that can be put into practise on their own local projects.

Types of training we offer include:

  • Full day Practical Project Management with group exercises for support staff, Research staff and PhD students

  • 1 hour bite-size lunchtime sessions

  • Custom courses, lectures and workshops (please contact Project Services for further information)

Further details can be found on at Project Management training.





  • Shared project space via the projects website  Free to use for all University staff and students. Further details can be found at About this site

  • A range of templates to support good project management practices

  • Resource allocation tools







The Project Management Office can be contacted by email at .  We can assist with a variety of queries from recommended training through to advice on application of PM techniques.


 Online help


If you prefer to self-help, there is a variety of online help available on this website which can be accessed via the 'Help' icon in the top righthand corner.  There is also additional guidance in the Guidance section of this website.




We can assist with peer reviewing project documents





If you're looking to recruit project staff in your area, we can assist with the creation of job descriptions, recruitment panels, and reviewing job adverts

 Career guidance        


We can offer guidance on how to start or progress a career in a project related role. Our 25+ project managers have come from a variety of commercial and academic backgrounds.




We can assist with individual requests for career advice and mentoring for project-related roles.


 Project tools


We provide support for the tools that we directly offer but are also happy to share our experiences in using other tools available within the University.




We can support departments in establishing their own governance and programme or portfolio structures.




We can offer project managers to co-locate on a part-time basis to directly support departments establishing their own project processes and structures.




Quality Assurance


The PMO can assist with a variety of project quality assurance reporting.  Examples of some of the current reports we produce are listed below.

  • Forward delivery schedule

  • Monthly RAG reporting

  • Projects in progress with no agreed estimate

  • Project more than 10% over budget

  • Projects in progress with missing milestones