Cross Colleges Portfolio 17/18

This portfolio has been established to provide a view of projects where activities span the Colleges:

The portfolio owners for the Colleges Portfolios Victoria Dishon (SCE), Sheila Fraser (CMVM) and Fraser Muir (CAHSS), will rotate to take ownership of this portfolio.

Contacts for session 17/18:

Portfolio Owner: Fraser Muir, CAHSS Chief Information Officer

Portfolio Manager: Muriel Mewissen, ISG Project Services


Portfolio Projects

Code Title RAG RAG Date Manager Programme
HSS022 CAHSS WAM Deployment BLUE January 2020 Muriel Mewissen CAHSS Portfolio Projects
HSS023 Student Voice BLUE March 2019 Ken Miller CAHSS Portfolio Projects
HSS025 First Impressions - Digital Signage BLUE April 2019 Geoff Cropley CAHSS Portfolio Projects

Portfolio Info

Cross Colleges Portfolio
Portfolio Manager
Muriel Mewissen
Business Contact
Fraser Muir