Report for February 2017

Report Date
February 2017

Report compiled by Chris Lawford (Programme Manager) for Alex carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

The programme has been intiated during February 2017.

  • Programme manager appointed 
  • Programme initiation meeting conducted (28/2)
  • High Level Project plan created 
  • Key programme and project roles appointed
  • DTI004 project kicked-off

RAG Status and Forward Look


Resource Summary

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
DTI004 ETL Procurement  Planned to start March

DTI005 ETL Production 

 Planned to start August
DTI006 EDW Production    Planned to start May
DTI007 EDW Production (embed & optimise)   Planned to start June


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

COM029 - EDW Proof of Concept 



24-Nov-2016    End of Planning - Proof of Concept

28-Feb-2017    Build Review - Proof of Concept    Build

08-Mar-2017    Integration Review - Proof of Concept

16-Mar-2017    Delivery - Proof of Concept

24-Mar-2017    Closure - Proof of Concept



Report by Chris Copner for February 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • First part of the build (Staging to Foundation layer) has completed

  • SSIS build was reviewed within the project team - a number of prioritised recommendations were made

  • Security review recommendations will inform future policies and the design of follow-on projects within the EDW programme

  • The BI Universe build is complete and will be tested once the rest of the build completes

  • Outstanding JIRAs prioritised - those which are a pre-requisite for a future production implementation of an EDW are prioritised as should

  • Design documentation updated following two design sprints



Anticipated 20% overspend (planned spend 97d, actual spend 109d, EAC 119d).  


Anticipating that a change to milestones will be required.  This will be documented and reported to WIS once the impact is fully quantified. Reason for the change:

  • The Staging-Foundation layer build took longer than planned due to mandatory required changes to logic – see meeting notes 21/2
  • The Foundation-Access layer build took longer than anticipated due to technical issues for which options and a recommended way forward were produced – see meeting notes 28/2

Next Steps

  • Further analyse, manage and report estimated overspend. Update estimate if required.
  • Document change to milestones and add to the PICCL, and report to WIS once the impact is fully quantified
  • Complete build and build review
  • An external review of the build is scheduled following completion of the build (scheduled 10/3, 13/3 and 14/3)


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects




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