We recently worked with an external change consultant on a change management workshop, and he used a great technique to engage the team and obtain insightful feedback.  He had a pack of cards with images on one side, which he spread out across a table.  He then asked everyone to pick a card which represented their feelings about the programme, and to share their thoughts with the group.  We used the cards several times during the workshop, including choosing a card to represent the vision for one of the projects in the programme.  Each time we used the cards we felt that we had a clearer understanding of each other’s views and were able to have more constructive discussions.

This project will develop our own cards, making use of the many images from our own fantastic University collections.  We will employ a student to develop the pack of cards, providing them with useful experience in matters of copyright, cultural awareness, and running focus groups to determine the images which resonate with pilot users.

This project has a number of benefits:

1. Provide an extremely useful resource during a period of significant change in the institution

2. Raise awareness of our diverse world class collections to staff and students

3. Provide a student with valuable work experience

The project will create a number of packs of cards to be used for a range of activities.

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Visual Metaphor Cards
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