Governance Assessment and Visualisation Tool for Major Projects

The Governance Assessment and Visualisation Tool is used to evaluate the project against a set of govrenance elements. The assessment tool should be completed by members of the Project Board, User Group, project team and other key stakeholders. Each assessor records a score for each governance element in the range 0 – 10 where:

  • 0 is not started
  • 1-3 is emerging and/or incomplete
  • 4-6 is progressing towards best practice
  • 7-10 is mature with clear evidence of positive impact. 

All responses will be analysed, collated and plotted on a Radar Chart in Microsoft Excel to show where the project is going well and where action may be needed. Radar Charts can be produced to show individual or group perception of the the project status.

The analysis can be repeated at different stages through the project delivery and the shape of the Radar Chart will change over time. Multiple assessments can be included on a single Radar Chart to produce a view of  both the current status and the outcomes of previous reviews.

Further infomation on the use of the Governance Assessment and Visualisation Tool is available as part of the Major Projects Governance Assessment Toolkit.

Assessor Name and Organisation/Unit Mark Ritchie, Information Services
Project Role Senior Supplier
Date of Assessment September 2012