The project will investigate the feasibility of enabling door entry/exit by authenticating the user via smartphone. The focus will be on facilitating Main Library door access.

The project will have two strands. Firstly, to test the mechanism by which a student with a mobile phone exhibiting a validated one - time QR code can quickly gain access to the Main Library without their University card, similar to transport operators.

• Proof of concept would utilise two optical QR barcode scanners, one placed either side of the glass door in the library at main reception.

• Students recruited to the project would install a specific Android app onto their phone to generate a short term one-time QR code that can be scanned and checked at the reception desk in the Main   Library.

• Receptionist seeing a positive scan response as authenticating the student, permits access. This would have application for students who have forgotten to bring their card.


Secondly, to test the mechanism by which a student with a mobile phone exhibiting a Bluetooth Low Energy can open a speedlane in the Main Library without their University card.

• Our current supplier Evolution favours HID Global RPK40 readers to run a dual service with RFiD and BLE.

• HID licensed cards are mapped to a smartphone by a nominated administrator using an HID portal and software tools.

• Students use an HID app available on Android and Apple.

• The system would then utilise existing door access infrastructure and existing access rights.

• Having tested equipment in a workshop environment, deployment to an ISG area would befollowed by a live student area with a limited set of student test users.


Both strands seek to meet student needs articulated by the Students’ Association. We shall engage service staff and technologists together with students to co-design and test solutions.

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Card Services: Feasibility study of door access function via smartphone
Innovation Programme 2018/19
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Paul Gorman
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Gosia Such
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