This programme manages all projects associated with the University's public websites and web portal (MyEd) with the aim to create a world-class web site which will support the University’s strategic goals and reinforce the University of Edinburgh's position of international renown institution. The Student portal delivers a system at the centre of all digital activity for our students. 

This programme of work will be governed by a senior Steering Group, to whom any project team will report.

  • Stratos Filalithis - Programme Owner
  • Tim Gray - Programme Manager

Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
August 2021 GREEN
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
WPS006 Annual Portal Services Upgrade AMBER August 2021 Chris Konczak In Progress Execute
WPS007 Design System GREEN August 2021 Zak Stark In Progress Plan
WPS008 Web Publishing Platform Implementation GREEN August 2021 Zak Stark In Progress Plan
WPS009 Replace EdWeb Infrastructure BLUE September 2021 David Watters In Progress Close
WPS010 Personalisation within Portal GREEN August 2021 Duncan MacGruer In Progress Execute
WPS011 Support EdWeb move to the Cloud Tim Gray In Progress Plan
WPS012 Annual Portal Services Upgrade Tim Gray Not Started Initiate


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