Work/Task Breakdown

PGR Search Widget Requirements




Task Team When

1. Plan

  • Project brief
  • Project estimate
  • Project plan
PM, Project Services Apr-18


2. Business Analysis

  • Fields Mapping between PURE ( "Willingness to take Ph.D. students" and "Ph.D. research projects available" to be" and  Funnelback
  • Options for use of data input to from PURE to replace/supplement data in Funnelback
  • Gathering Requirements for PGR search functionality to be available within Funnelback
  • Option analysis of what can be used from PURE with Funnelback
  • Prioritisation of requirements

BA, RIS, UWP Project Services




3. Systems Analysis

  • Research PURE APIs to expose data to Funnelback
Development Services                   Jun-18


4. Build

  • Configure Funnelback to support the use of PURE API
  • Build Funnelback search capability
  • Build Funnelback search application
  • Design search results panel
Development Services July-18


5. Integration

  • Test Pure Funnelback Application
UWP / Development Services July-18

6. Policy & Guidance

  • Define policy for use of "Willingness to take Ph.D. students" and "Ph.D. research projects available"
  • Issue policy to users of PURE
Business Lead, SRA Dec-18

7. Close

  • Closure report
Project Manager Aug-18


Resources, Skills and Costs

The total budget for this project is estimated at 123 days. 26 days have already been spent in 2016/17, an additional 86 days are planned for 2017/18, with an additional 11 days of contingency.

Development resources have been secured through Paul McNulty.

Team Skills # Days 16/17 # Days 17/18
Project Services

Project Manager,

Business Analyst,

Programme Manager                                     

26 days  41 days
Development Services                   Developer 0 days 45 days
ISG Contingency 0 days 11 days
ISG days 26 days 97 days                                     
SRA Policy & Guidance 15 days                                                     40 days


Project Governance

Governance will be sought from the Recruitment & Admissions Strategy Group (RASG) which is responsible for approving admissions practices and policies on behalf of the University. The Project Sponsor will provide the liaison between RASG and the project team.


Project Stakeholders

Name Business Area Role  
Adrian Richardson Development Services Development Services

Project Team

Bill Lee ISG Applications Development Team Manager  
Bruce Darby LTW UWP Project Manager  
Craig Middlemass ( to June 2017) - changed role , moved to Service Excellence Programme Research Information Systems Research Information Systems Manager  
Damon Querry Research Information Systems Research Information Systems Manager (from June 17)

Project Team

Defeng MA ISG Dev Services SSP Team Manager  
Geoff Cropley ISG Applications Project Manager

Project Team

Ivonne Appleyard ( to summer 2017) - Left UoE IS Applications Business Analyst  
Jamie Thin IS Apps Project Services IS Senior supplier  
Jane Johnston SRA Sponsor (Project Team Member)  
Jason Dove ISG Applications Business Analyst

Project Team

Jim McGeorge University Secretary's Group Business Administration Programme Owner  
Mark Lang ISG Applications Development Technology Team Manager  
Muriel Mewissen IS Apps, UoE Portfolio Manager  
Rebecca Gaukroger SRA Original Project Sponsor (now on leave)  
Service Excellence Programme (SEP) Board University Secretary's Group Governance for SEP  
Sheila Fraser IS Applications, Project Services - Changed role. Moved to MVM Programme Manager  
Stratos Filalithis LTW Website & Communications University Website Programme

Project Team

Suran Perera ISG Production Management Production Management  

Project Estimations

STU253 3Point Estimate


Project Info

PGR Opportunity Finder
Student Services (STU)
Management Office
Project Manager
Geoff Cropley
Project Sponsor
Jane Johnston
Current Stage
Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
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