Priority and Funding

The project is priority 2 and is Sponsor funded.


Impact and Dependencies

Project success is dependent upon a number of factors:-

  1. On time delivery of working software and customisation documentation from Mass.
  2. Mass to be on site to ensure a smooth upgrade to DEV, TEST and LIVE.
  3. Applications Management to make sure that the upgrade on DEV, TEST and LIVE has been performed successfully.
  4. Availability of IS resources particularly Development Technology.
  5. Business analyst to assist with UAT test planning and to support Helpdesk training.
  6. Estates to complete UAT.
  7. Estates to complete user training.
  8. Assurance from central finance of user testing.
  9. LIVE will require approx half a day of downtime to perform the upgrade.
  10. Involvement of end users.


Project Risks

Key risks are summarised below:-

  1. Booked IS resources may be lost if priority 1 projects make competing demands. (This has already happened).
  2. Scope, approach, costs and timing have not been confirmed with Mass.
  3. It is currently not known what changes are planned to Archibus modules Helpdesk, Space Planning, Compliance Management, Property and Lease and existing business functionality may not be maintained.
  4. Uncontrolled changes to agreed scope could adversely impact project delivery.
  5. Excessive customisations may lead to more defects being encountered and this risks not completing UAT within the allotted time.
  6. v23.1 may adversely impact system performance.
  7. Estates may not have the resources or skill set to robustly plan UAT.
  8. Training requirements for end users are not yet known and Estates may not have the resources to perform this task.
  9. Development Technology may fail to keep DEV, TEST and LIVE environments aligned.
  10. A quotation from Mass, linked to deliverables and success criteria is required to prevent costs escalating.
  11. Year end activities may impact resource availability including IS, Finance and Estates testing.


Project Info

Archibus Upgrade
Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
Management Office
Project Manager
Chris Orrell
Project Sponsor
Grant Ferguson
Current Stage
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Planning Date
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