Estates and Buildings Estates Department use an application called Archibus to control and manage various aspects of the University Estate. Archibus includes a number of modules for example; Reactive Maintenance On Demand via a Helpdesk facility (delivered by EST080), Compliance Maintenance, Space Planning and Property and Lease. The University currently uses Archibus Webcentral v21.3 and this project is to upgrade the Webcentral application to v23.1. This Brief proposes as scope that only the Helpdesk Module will deliver functional improvements requiring business change and for this project all other modules will deliver tested business as usual functionality. Upgrading to v23.1 will also require upgrades to Archibus Smart Client and the Database. Archibus v23.1 offers Estates new functionality but also fixes a number of bugs from EST080.

The Estates and Buildings Estates Department team have also requested that a number of Functional Enhancements also be considered for delivery with this project and these are termed: Enhancements to Mobile Device, Additional JIRAs and Issues, Asset Management Integration (see comment below).

Additionally IS have identified that a number of technical upgrades are also required: WebCentral Application Server requires a 'tidy up'; Tomcat Upgrade, Oracle Database upgrade and to migrate to a new system of Change Control (Source Control) and Automated Deployment, supported by a separate activity with our 3rd party (Mass) to document all customisations (technical, functional) and confirm the need to retain in v23.1. Although the primary focus from Estates is to prioritise v23.1 delivery, for reasons of priority, interdependencies and business risk this Brief recommends an optimum approach for both Business and IS outcomes.  

Archibus 23.1 also includes an Asset Management module. Through a separate project and over the summer of 2017 Estates are completing an exercise using mobile devices enabled with this module to collect asset data. It is planned that the data collected from this exercise will be integrated in to the v23.1 Archibus system once the upgrade has been completed. It has already been agreed that this data integration exercise will not be attempted until after v23.1 has gone live. Ownership of this principally technical activity will be managed by UoE IS with involvement from 3rd party (Mass) and Estates support.  Plans and timescales are yet to be agreed and this will be delivered as a separate project. However, the EST098 Project Board will have responsibility for monitoring the progress of the Mobile Asset Data collection project, ensuring data integration tests are completed and managing interdependencies between the two projects.

The Archibus application is supported by a company called Mass and their involvement will be critical to successful delivery of this project.

Estates strongly requested that the project focus on only the essential requirements to achieve a v23.1 upgrade by the end of September, with all other changes following later. This approach has been adopted but due to availability of resources and incorporating a number of lessons learned from EST080 project this go-live date cannot be achieved. This Project Brief proposes scope, approach and timeline against which resources have been confirmed that should enable a go-live of 13th November.



A summary of agreed scope agreed by the 19 July Project Board can be found in the document EST098 scope v1 1 03-08-17 Project Board Decisions.

In roughly the order of project delivery the scope of this project has been split broadly into three workstreams; Technical Upgrades, Archibus 23.1 Upgrade and Functional Enhancements

Technical Upgrades

1.1 Server 'Tidy up'

The applications server requires moving to dedicated virtual servers to improve system reliability, performance and maintainability. The EST098 Project Board for reasons of expediency originally decided not to include this item as within scope. However, due to resource availability issues with the main supplier, meaning UoE IS could implement this change without impacting project timing, this decision on the 1/8 has been reversed.

A system audit was performed by Mass in order to document customisations and to define the detail of any new server build. The recommended approach from Development Technology is for the DEV and TEST application server and database be refreshed from a copy of LIVE and to then apply Archibus upgrade.

1.2 Tomcat Web server Upgrade

For reasons of security, currently version 5, there is a necessity that Tomcat be upgraded. Note there are two installation of Tomcat on the WebCentral application server. One for console operators at https://www.webcentral.estates.ed.ac.uk which is EASE authenticated and one for mobile users https://www.webcentralcad.estates.ed.ac.uk which is not EASE authenticated.

The latest version of Tomcat confirmed as supported by Mass is 8.5.15 with Java Jdk1.8.

1.3 Oracle Database Upgrade

There is a requirement to upgrade the Oracle database from to This version of Oracle is in terminal release for 11g and to get extended support we must perform this upgrade. Additionally applying this patch now as part of the infrastructure upgrade ensures an additional set of testing is not required. Therefore it is recommended that upgrading the database progresses as part of IS infrastructure activities during the project.

1.4 Change Control and Automated Deployment

Current DEV, TEST and LIVE environments are not aligned and practices and controls are required to ensure that for the new build this situation does not occur. Development Services operate a proven source code change control process using GIT. A migration of WebCentral, EBIS on-line, Desktop Client and the database configuration from SVN to GIT will be required.

Other utilities for example HR to EBIS interface exist and should also be subject to change control. An investigation to determine which other utilities are in use will be required.

It would be beneficial for the University, wherever appropriate, to be able to employ automated deployment. Investigation work to determine for which of the above components automated deployment would be possible is required before introducing the necessary changes. The EST098 Project Board will accept automated deployment as within scope if this can be achieved without adversely impacting go-live date.

A revised system of change control will be implemented in parallel with the Archibus upgrade requiring that changes can only be made to the DEV, TEST and LIVE environments by Development Technology who are also responsible for ensuring alignment of these environments. Incorporating an EST080 lessons learned Dev Tech to maintain a project specific build record, recording both technical actions and the reason why they were necessary, will be maintained on the wiki page by Development Technology. The Mass customisations system audit report will form the baseline for change control.

1.4 Operational Reports

There are three operational reports and these are:-

  • OPO2 (Multi-criteria Work Request)
  • OPO3 (Reactive Response Times)
  • OP33 (eIT report)

and confirmation will be required that these still work as required post upgrade. The project approach defining responsibility for these (expected to be Development Services) is required.

EBIS reports will have to be checked to be sure they continue to return both LIVE and archive data.

  1. Technical Upgrade to Archibus and Business Change Requirements

 2.1 Archibus 23.1 Upgrade

The upgrade, pre-GoLive testing and post GoLive stabilisation of Archibus is the highest priority deliverable for the project. The project scope will only deliver functional improvements requiring business change for the Helpdesk module. The project scope for Compliance Maintenance, Space Planning and Property and Lease is to only deliver tested business as usual functionality.

The project will be required to confirm functional changes to all modules and this confirmation is required from Mass, walkthrough workshops have been requested.

Mass have confirmed:-

  • Upgrades to the following are required: Archibus Smart Client; Database
  • Upgrades to the following are not required: Archibus Desktop Client; EBIS on Line

To ensure the future stability of the Archibus system, it has been agreed that the current Archibus (v21.3) system be reviewed by our 3rd party enhancements partner, Mass, in order to document all code and configuration customisations, providing the following outputs:

  1. Technical descriptions of all current customisations to allow future support and manage technical rollbacks
  2. Functional descriptions of all customisations to determine the alignment with future business need
  3. Assessment of the need to retain within an upgraded v23.1 system

This work was initiated 12th & 13th July and a report is expected by 31st July.

2.2 WebCentral Business Change Requirements

Understanding the potential business impact from the WebCentral upgrade is consider a critical priority for the project. As-is and to-be process maps for key Helpdesk business processes are to be mapped to allow the impact to the Estates to be assessed. From this, necessary training programmes will be devised and delivered in order to manage the business change. There are three main categories of user; customer, supervisor, and mobile user and the business impact will be considered from these three perspectives. All Helpdesk documents will have to be updated.

A full list of WebCentral release notes from v21.3 will be supplied by Mass. Mass will complete a full process walkthrough and IS will supply Helpdesk process maps that can be reviewed by Mass. It is also anticipated that discussion will be required in order to ensure the potential impact to Estates Helpdesk Team is fully understood.

The core business processes to be mapped are:-

  • Raising and viewing work requests – customer, supervisor
  • Managing work requests – helpdesk, supervisor
  • Receiving, updating and completing work – mobile user/tradesperson

These processes are expected to be wrapped up as 4 process maps headed as:

  • Maintenance Services
  • Contract Services
  • Furniture
  • Ancillary Services (Small Projects/Fire Safety/Soft Services)

The above process flows should also include financial related processes such as; purchase ordering, goods receipt, processing of invoices and credit notes.

  1. Functional Enhancements

The following additional functional enhancements have been agreed as in scope.

3.1 Enhancements to Mobile Devices Functionality

A tradesman has to confirm that Health and Safety checks have been done before starting a job and this is considered a critical requirement. This change has already been initiated with Mass who advise it will be deployed as part of v23.1.

Mass have confirmed that Helpdesk Issue Log number IL013, Adding a customer telephone number to mobile will be delivered as standard v23.1 functionality.

3.2 Additional JIRAs and Issues 

Full details of which JIRAs have been confirmed as in scope and which are not can be found within EST098 scope v1 1 19-07-17 Project Board Decisions.

3.2.1 Employee name changes. Initially mobile devices were populated with an employee number which made identification of individuals for the mobile user difficult. A solution was introduced which concatenated employee number and name. However, there is an issue if an employee changes their name and therefore a new solution is required. Devising a new solution has been deemed out of scope for this project.  

3.2.2 Contracted Services Workflow IL004. There is an issue whereby if Contracted Services are dealing with an external supplier a job could be completed but cannot be closed until the invoice is received – in this scenario the SLA continues counting. Mass have supplied a quote to introduce a specific process change for contracted services. This change is an estates priority and will be delivered as part of the v23.1 upgrade.

3.3 Integration of Mobile Asset Management Data

Collection of mobile asset management data is being performed by a separate project. It has been agreed that the integration of this data, into the Archibus 23.1 upgrade, will not take place until after v23.1 go-live.

The Mobile Asset Management Data Collection project is responsible for all data integration testing.

It is recommended that the integration of this data be addressed as a separate project, albeit working in parallel and closely with the same Estates and IS teams.

EST098 will have to perform some testing to confirm that this module has been correctly installed.

  1. Out of Scope
  • Delivering enhancements for Compliance Maintenance, Space Planning and Property and Lease and out of scope for this project.
  • JIRAs not specifically stated as in scope.
  • Mobile asset data integration or integration testing.
  • Other items deemed out of scope within EST098 scope v1 1 19-07-17 Project Board Decisions.


  1. Complete technical upgrades.
  2. Proactively identify the potential impacts and changes in functionality from WebCentral to ensure these are fully anticipated to ensure a smooth implementation.
  3. Complete load testing.
  4. Upgrade Archibus 23.1 modules Reactive Maintenance On Demand (Helpdesk), Compliance Maintenance, Space Planning and Property and Lease and ensure the business functions as-is.


No. Description                                                                                                                                                                 Priority* Owner
O1 Technical Upgrades    
D1.1 Server 'Tidy up' Must Dev Tech / Mass
D1.2 Tomcat Upgrade Must Dev Tech
D1.3 Oracle Database upgrade Must Dev Tech
D1.4 Migrate to a new system of Change Control (SVN to GIT) and introduce automated deployment Should Dev Services
D1.5 Document all customisation and embed changes documentation maintenance into BAU Must Mass, Dev Tech, Estates
D1.6 Maintain operational reports Must Dev Services
O2 Upgrade Archibus to 23.1    
D2.1 Provide release notes since 21.3 and advise application changes in relation to current University process Must Mass
D2.2 Implementation plan Must Mass
D2.3 Maintain complete build record Must Dev Tech
D2.4 Document as-is and to-be Helpdesk processes and prepare impact assessment Must Estates / Project Services

Prepare test strategy and plan, including test scripts and perform UAT for all modules.  This is required for :- D2.5.1 Helpdesk D2.5.2 Property and Lease D2.5.3 Compliance Maintenance D2.5.4 Planned Preventative Maintenance D2.5.5 Space Planning D2.5.6 EBIS on-line

Must Estate Teams / Project Services
D2.6 Load testing completed and report prepared Must Estates / Mass / Dev Tech
D2.7 Prepare communications and engagement plan Must Estates / Project Services
D2.8 Prepare training plan and deliver training Must Estates
D2.9 Deliver tested as-is business functionality for Compliance Maintenance, Space Planning and Property and Lease Must Dev Tech / Mass / Estates
O3 Functional Enhancements    
D3.1 Deliver agreed enhancements to mobile devices Should Mass / Dev Tech
D3.2 Deliver agreed JIRAs Should Mass / Dev Tech
D3.3 Enable Asset Management Module Must Mass / Dev Tech
D3.4 All software to be fully documented before adding to environments Must Mass


  1. Estates are able to benefit from the latest functionality offered by the Archibus suite of modules. A summary of the anticipated benefits for the Console and Mobile devices is shown below:-
  • Console Improvements
    • Console refresh speed
    • Parameters for console – number of jobs per status band / pre collapsed status bands
    • Filter menu follows you down the page
    • Document attaching from the ‘Report Problem’ screen
    • Move work requests back and forward through status steps without disrupting the work flow
    • Link two work requests together – preventing the need to close one and raise another
    • You can remove a Craftsperson from a work request
  • Mobile Improvements
    • Speed of transfer of data from mobile devices will be improved.
    • List of jobs holds on a mobile will hold its position when coming in and out of work request
    • Additional sorting options, like due date
    • Multiple Craftsperson's assigned to the same work request can complete their part of the work request (using green tick)
    • Asset gathering capabilities from Asset mobile module improved


Mass to confirm if the above anticipated benefits are expected.

  1. Archibus runs on the latest supported versions of Tomcat and Oracle Database.
  2. A robust system of source code change control and automated deployment in place will reduce the risk of issues at go-live.


Success Criteria

  1. System continues to provide existing functionality.
  2. Adequate business impact assessment to ensure smooth introduction in to the business.
  3. Communications strategy employed to advise the business of forthcoming changes.
  4. Maintain or improve current system performance.
  5. Technical documentation updated to reflect revised infrastructure.
  6. Identified benefits are delivered
  7. Identified issues are fixed

Project Milestones

Target Datesort descending Previous Date Title Stage Complete  
21-Jul-2017 No date available End of Planning Plan Yes


09-Aug-2017 No date available End of Analysis / Design Analyse No


18-Sep-2017 No date available Start UAT Accept No


03-Nov-2017 No date available Readiness / Approval to Go-Live Accept No


13-Nov-2017 No date available Go-Live Deliver No


01-Dec-2017 No date available Deployment Sign-off Deliver No


15-Dec-2017 No date available Closure Close No


Project Info

Archibus Upgrade
Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
Management Office
Project Manager
Chris Orrell
Project Sponsor
Grant Ferguson
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