Proposed Business Processes

Data Archiving: Approach

In order to maintain the licence  usage of 20,000 and under, the Digital Skills and Training (DST) team will conduct a 6-monthly exercise to identify users who have not logged on via their UoE account in the last 6 months. These users will be deemed as ‘low-usage’ and DST will archive their account. As the user will always have a account, should they need to re-activate their UoE account, this could be done at any time.

This process will be included in the procedures and guidance on the UoE website.

This was chosen as the most appropriate solution in order to apply the same rule to all UoE users and to release licences from users who are not using the service regularly.

It is recognised that this is a new process, and as such will be reviewed after the first exercise, expected to be February 2017, and any necessary adjustments made. It is also recognised that due to UoE computer access ageing policies, there will be licences in use for students and staff that have left the University as well as new and existing students and staff. At the start of semesters when there will be large student in-takes, there is a risk in the future that the licences in use become close to the maximum of 20,000. Again, this will be monitored by the DST team and necessary steps taken to manage the user population.

Full details can be found in the Archiving Business Requirements document here: K:\ISAPPS\csg\projects\TEL034 Implementation\Process Maps\Lynda Account Archiving\TEL034 Archiving BRD v0.5


Context Diagram 

Global UoE Single Sign On Data Flow