CMS usage information is required for any future CMS system.

With 550+ publishers, covering 80+ units and over 40,000 pages (and growing) of content in Polopoly, the University has delivered a truly scalable Content management system. As such we now need to improve management of editorial information in CMS.

This project will look to quantify what information is needed by editors (and site administrators) to provide a high level of service and also review the possibilities for the devolvement of certain administration activities across the University.

  • For editors we need a tool that generates administrative views, such as articles awaiting approval for publication, articles to be reviewed according to their review date, use of shared content and breadth and depth of their group’s access permissions.
  • For site administrators we need a tool that links the complex relationships between users, groups, permissions, workflow, aliases and individuals training status. Document detailing relationship is on support wiki:

In addition, reports on information such as the number of consecutive users and peak times for Polopoly usage – overall and within a defined subset of the system [canned reports for users based on where their permissions are allocated] – would help administration and support teams develop better capacity and performance strategies and planning.

The tool would greatly reduce the email traffic currently generated from the current workflow functionality and improve user awareness and ability to process updates quickly.

Measuring success and benefits

  • Significant reduction of email traffic relating to workflow
  • Increase in awareness and ability to process updates quickly
  • Easy generation of site-wide CMS usage stats
  • Reduce instances of out of date content appearing on sites


Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
February 2014 BLUE 80.0 days 75.0 days 5.0

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Polopoly: CMS Usage Information
Z. ISG - University Website (UWP) (Closed)
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Tim Gray
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Dawn Ellis
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