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w/c 16th October 2017

The programme manager has advised that after discussion with the project sponsor, the project is to be stopped as the Estates department 

Andrew Stewart 16-Oct-2017
w/c 9th October 2017
  • Weekly report created, circulated  and uploaded to Estates dashboard 
  • Fortnightly meetings re-scheduled to commence w/c 16th October 2017
Andrew Stewart 09-Oct-2017
w/c 2nd October 2017
  • Dynmat Upgrade 
    • Development technology resource confirmed according to the project plan 
  • Missing Data - no update 
  • Dynamat Modbus Pilot - no update 
  • Optima Visualier - no update
Andrew Stewart 04-Oct-2017
w/c 25th September 2017

It has not been possible to progress much this week due to office moves and holidays within Estates.

Andrew Stewart 04-Oct-2017
w/c 18th September 2017
  • Project Risk Log
    • Closed risk 5 - Impact on project plan - as new pilot meter has been installed and configured
    • Added additional risk 7- Project Plan impacted by delay in uploading missing data
  • Project updates 
    • project updated currently been sought from David Jack and Brian Eelbeck
  • Project meeting 
    • meeting with project team on 19/09/17
  • Project Plan 
    • Project plan updated after team meeting to allow for additional time to complete 
    Andrew Stewart 18-Sep-2017
    w/c 11th September 2017
    • Risk Log 
      • current risk log reviewed and updated 
      • additional risk added - Risk 6: SQL Server 2014 Compatibility Issues 
    • Project Estimation 
      • Review of and update project estimate regarding remaining technical requirements 
    • Project Plan 
      • Review and update of current project plan 
      • ASTA updated to represent the revised plan and estimate 
    • Energy Metering Technology representatives on-site this week regarding
      Andrew Stewart 11-Sep-2017
      w/c 4th September 2017
      • Andy Stewart is being assigned as project manager from w/c 11th September 2017
      • Handover meeting with current project manager 
      • Missing Data
        • Further analysis undertaken by supplier and forwarded to Controls team 
      Andrew Stewart 11-Sep-2017
      w/c 26th June 2017
      • Dynamat Modbus - The Estates team have advised that an alternative building will now be required to be identified as the original building is due for demolition in the next two years. 
      Andrew Stewart 03-Jul-2017
      w/c 29th May
      • Dynamat Training
        • Created and circulated second doodle poll regarding possible training dates
      • Meeting scheduled with Martin Crawford to review project objectives and timelines
      • Technical Architecture Document  reviewed and approved by IS Applications
      Andrew Stewart 30-May-2017
      w/c 15th May
      • Dynamat Upgrade
        • Whilst investigations on-going with regards cloud based solution, resource request for Development Technology requested to commence 31st May
      • Dynamat Training
        • Reminder re updated doodle poll issued
      Andrew Stewart 17-May-2017
      w/c 8th May 2017

      Project Team meeting held on Thursday 11th May


      Andrew Stewart 10-May-2017
      w/c 1st May 2017
      • TAD completed and will be circulated for approval
      • Commenced discussions with Dynamat supplier with regards
        • recovery of missing data
        • training
      • Outline training schedule received from Dynamat and circulated to the project team to review and feedback


      Andrew Stewart 10-May-2017
      w/c 24th April
      • Project team meeting held on 24/04/17 and minutes circulated
      • Feedback received from Elcomponents regarding client licensing
      • Feedback received from Dynamat with regards
        • client licensing
        • recovery of lost data
        • user training
      • Requirement to re-clarify potential dates and update project plan
      Andrew Stewart 24-Apr-2017
      w/c 17th April
      • Dynamat
        • Confirmed strategy regarding recovering missing Dynamat data with Mark Dobbing
        • Discussed outline strategy with IS Apps Production Management - no concerns raised
        • Forwarded enquirty to Dynamat, including licensing question
      • Fortnightly meetings set up with project team


      Andrew Stewart 17-Apr-2017
      w/c 10th April
      • Project team meeting held
      • Project brief adjusted to incorporate the additional functional requirements
        • Management of ElComponents desktop application for nominated individuals
        • management of Dynmat client desktop application for nominated individuals
        • restoration of missing Dynamat related data
      • Project plan adjusted
      • Project estimate adjusted
      • details forwarded to project sponsor for approval
      • project risk log reviewed
      Andrew Stewart 11-Apr-2017
      w/c 20th March
      • Project plan updated after planning phase completed
      • Dynamat DATABIRD
        • On-going investigations as to how to recover the data during the period of lost connectivity with Optima
        • Dynamat have advised this might be possible but will require SQL Server 2012
        • Meeting scheduled for Monday 27th March to ascertain requirements
      • Creation of the new Technical Architecture Document is on-going.  Meeting arranged with IS Apps Production Management for 30th March to review
      Andrew Stewart 24-Mar-2017
      w/c 13th March
      • Dynamat DATABIRD
        • After a series of investigations, connectivity has been re-established between the live system and Optima
      Andrew Stewart 24-Mar-2017
      w/c 27th February
      • TAD review commenced, resulting in TAD amending being defined
      • Project overview with new business lead Robert MacGregor
      • Scheduled meeting with project sponsor has been re-scheduled for next week
      • Requested clarification regarding M&T system being able to poll cloud based AMR system - currently awaiting feedback
      • Risk Log reviewed and updated by project manager
      Andrew Stewart 03-Mar-2017
      W/c 20th February 2017
      • Project Brief amended to
        • Amend product name of Dynamat Cloud solution
        • Incorporate additional dependency of Premises teams to arrange building shutdown
        • Confirmation of building to used in the Dynamat Cloud pilot
        • Incorporated procurement requirement for replacement meters for the pilot building
        • Extended project elapsed time by 4 weeks to accommodate meters procurement
        • Business Lead confirmed project brief sign-off on behalf of the project sponsor
        • Project brief submitted to WIS
      Andrew Stewart 22-Feb-2017
      w/c 30th January 2017
      • Project planning meeting held
      • Technical representatives from IS Apps Development and IS Apps Production have been identified
      • Amended project brief to
        • incorporate revised project objectives and deliverables
        • project estimate (version 1.1)
        • project plan (version 1.1)
        • update project stakeholders
        • reviewed project log
        • arranged project briefing session with IS Apps project team
      • Revised project brief issued to all members of the project team for review
      Andrew Stewart 01-Feb-2017

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      Energy Systems Upgrade
      Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
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      ISG PMO
      Project Manager
      Andrew Stewart
      Project Sponsor
      Grant Ferguson
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