This programme covers Student Systems related projects, which are operationally delivered by the  Student Systems Partnership in Academic Services.

The new plan is being developed in tandem with the Service Excellence programme (the previous vision and roadmap is detailed in the Student Systems Roadmap 2013-2016 .) 

Since Oct 2018, the  SSPprojects are now governed by the Student & Administration Support Board  within Service Excellence.

Select the Active Projects link from the right hand menu for a list of the current projects.

IS Applications start the project initiation approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the business requirements document date to allow time for planning.


Franck Bergeret, programme manager (franck.bergeret@ed.ac.uk)

Code RAG Manager Status Stage
SAC062 Statutory Returns 1718 BLUE Lesley Elliot Closed Close
SAC063 Assessment and Progression 3 GREEN Franck Bergeret In Progress Execute
SAC064 GDPR for Student Systems BLUE Morna Findlay Closed Close
SAC065 Continuous Improvements 17/18 BLUE Defeng Ma Closed Close
SAC066 HECoS BLUE Lesley Elliot Closed Close
SAC068 June Graduations Improvements BLUE Kirstie Roseweir Closed Close
SAC069 Jquery Library Upgrade BLUE Gregory Carter Closed Close
SAC070 Student Funding 2 (Implementation) GREEN Andrew Mackenzie In Progress Deliver
SAC071 SITS Database upgrade to Oracle 12 BLUE Chris Konczak Closed Close
SAC072 Tier IV Compliance - SEAM GREEN Andrew Mackenzie Closed Close
SAC073 Statutory Returns 18/19 GREEN Paula Webster In Progress Execute
SAC074 Continuous Improvements 18/19 GREEN Franck Bergeret Suspended Execute
SAC075 EUCLID Performance Improvements AMBER Chris Konczak In Progress Deliver
SAC076 SITS Double Software Upgrade BLUE Franck Bergeret Closed Close
SAC077 Data Futures - Requirements Analysis & Implementation GREEN Franck Bergeret In Progress Design
SAC078 Annual Registration GREEN Leon Toland In Progress Build
SAC079 Direct Admissions Improvements AMBER Victoria Weinsberg In Progress Execute
SAC080 SITS RedHat Operating System Upgrade GREEN Victoria Weinsberg In Progress Plan


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