To replace ALBACS with C-series both of which are supplied by Bottomline Technology

This replacement is to deliver

  1. Outgoing payments and
  2. International payments

Of which International payments are new for Finance


The ALBACS product from Bottom Line is used by Finance to pay staff salaries, suppliers and other external bank payments.

ALBACS reaches end-of-life in July 2015 and is being replaced with C-Series.  The need to replace this product was identified last year and was hoped to be done as part of the small enhancements project (FIN099) but as more information has been made available, it has become clear that this essential enhancement project  is a much larger piece of work than originally anticipated and requires its own project to manage it.

Bottom Line have confirmed they will continue to support our usage of ALBACS slightly further than July provided we are making progress with migrating to C-Series

One of the additional benefits of moving to the upgraded product is that international payments will be possible.  These are currently handled manually.

This is a technical project with the majority of the resources required from Dev Tech to work alongside the Bottom Line technical team.  A detailed estimate has been produced and resource managers consulted to check that appropriate resourcing can be made available within the timescales

Bottom Line have provided a quote for their side of the work.  Liz Welch has confirmed that she is directly funding this external expenditure and has raised a purchase order for Bottom Line

The IS Apps days will be funded from within the Finance programme by releasing contingency days and de-scoping some lower priority work.  The work will span into 15/16

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
May 2016 BLUE 81.0 days 80.0 days 0.0

Project Info

ALBACS Replacement
Finance (FIN)
Project Manager
Anne Mathison
Project Sponsor
Elizabeth Welch
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